Free Dinner Workshop: How to Beat Chronic Fatigue!

Exhaustion. Inability to start and finish tasks because of low energy. Too tired to make it through the day without a nap... These can all be things of the past... if the root cause is addressed! 

Join us for a FREE Dinner Workshop to learn how to beat chronic fatigue for good! 

No more energy drinks, pills, or caffeine just to get through the day.

No more napping halfway through the day wishing you were finishing up that to-do list instead.

No more wishing to have the energy to live the life you want!


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Learn from my Experience!

I've cared for hundreds of patients with chronic fatigue over the last 12 years! 

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Not your typical lecture type of class!

Involving class members is what makes each of these workshops exciting and different!

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Amazing Food!

Cardamom Indian Restaurant prepares seasonal meals with the most fresh ingredients possible just for our guests!